A Dry Bar Vs. A Wet Bar- Which One Do You Need?

Today working hard means we off load equally harder. We party and relax with just as much dedication as we work. For most of us, this means having a fully stocked bar where we can entertain friends and family. For all those libation enthusiasts, out there who are considering installing a bar at home and want the lowdown on all the choices you have here is a primer. There are two main options a person has – wet bar and dry bar. We shortlist some of the wet bar vs dry bar main points in this article. To get a list of fascinating cocktail recipes for your next party takes a gander at www.vinepair.com/.

• Dry Bar is a piece of furniture that holds all the accoutrements of a bar from alcohol bottles to glasses to bottle openers to every accessory possible. It is portable which makes it very convenient to locate in any section of the house. They can be designed as per your need and wishes if you use a bespoke carpenter or designer. This is especially beneficial because one chooses the height, number of cabinets and other small details of the bar. These can have dedicated space for special crystal wear and antique bottles. Because they are just pieces of furniture, dry bars offer great versatility. Another aspect of a dry bar that people love is that they are multi-purpose. One can use them as a china cabinet to store crockery or as a counter space in kitchen or dining room.
• A wet bar is so called because it comes attached to a sink that has a drain. This means that they should be created near a plumbing line. Again, these can also be customized or made bespoke as long as there is provision for a sink and the capability to attach to a water line. Prefabricated wet bars are also available in the market, but they have the disadvantage of not being designed as you might wish.

The choice between the two bars can be hard. It can be made easy by identifying the space one has at home. It might not be possible to add a wet bar because there is no plumbing line free. Or maybe you have a passion for glassware and bottles which necessitate a dry bar. To correctly display your collection a dry bar is the best options. It becomes even more important if you have decorative items at hand. Going for custom cabinetry actually, solves most of the obstacles that may arise as they are made as per the needs of the home.

The budget can also play a vital role when choosing to install a bar. A dry bar is just a portable piece of furniture and so may not cost much if it is bought straight from the market. A bespoke dry bar can be more expensive. But a wet bar that requires the taking down of a wall or renovating a part of the home can be pocket heavy. Therefore, consider the financials too while choosing between a dry and a wet bar for your abode.